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5 Ways to Benefit From Corporate Housing

Published on July 6, 2023 by Micki Huizinga

Have you ever wondered, what are the benefits of renting a corporate apartment verses an extended hotel stay? Let me just tell you there are A LOT!

1. Spacious homelike feeling. Corporate apartments are spacious. There is room to spread out, relax and unwind after a busy day. A separate living room, dining room, bedroom and kitchen make transitioning from sleep time to dining, cooking or work time feel as it should – different and in a different location. Who wants to eat a pre ordered meal in bed while working on a presentation? Maybe you would like to have some friends over and stop eating out so much. Or maybe you have a beloved pet you would like to bring along while you are away from home. These are all things a corporate apartment has the space to facilitate. Room for friends, your family, and pets!

2. Price. Corporate apartments have the benefit of no hotel tax on any stay 30 days or longer. This is a savings that really adds up. Also, no daily parking fees, valet fees or tipping! The resident receives one monthly bill with many convenient billing options available. Credit card, direct billing, wire, just to name a few. The pricing is set to fit your needs, requests and personal preferences.

3. Kitchen. Here is where the savings really adds up – a full size kitchen. Keep all of your favorite groceries on hand for that midnight scoop of ice cream or favorite smoothie. Make breakfast in the morning, Pack a lunch for later. Less dining out = more money in your pocket. Just the little things like having a few snacks on hand and not paying $7 for a bag of hotel M&M’s adds up. Everything you need is provided should you like to make a gourmet meal or warm up some leftovers.

4. Washer/Dryer in the apartment. Wash and dry your own clothes on your own schedule! No expensive laundry fees and long turnaround times. Wash whenever you want as much as you want, with the products you like. Just like home.

5. Complimentary Amenities. This is another biggie…..who likes paying to use the exercise facility? No one! Sometimes its hard enough to get yourself there, then to have to pay an exorbitant fee is the pits. Corporate apartments do not charge any fees for the use of the amenities. No fee for the pool, no fee for the dog park, no fee for the business center, no fee for parking. Its all in your one bill. Concierge service too.

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