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Housing for Homeowner's Loss of Use

CS Insurance

Nobody expects to become displaced from their home. When a natural disaster strikes, such as storms, flooding, fire, etc., there are many immediate needs that must be taken care of, including emergency housing. The last thing you need is to be bogged down with paperwork and phone calls to try and secure a temporary fully furnished apartment for you and your family. Whether you are the insured (policyholder) or an insurance adjuster, working with Corporate Suites to find short or long-term housing will significantly reduce your stress levels. With one phone call to Corporate Suites, we’ll take the time to understand the needs of you and your family or your policyholder and then make sure those needs are met. Once we’ve agreed on a suitable location, we’ll provide a simple online form for the policyholder to complete. It’s quick, easy, and reliable.

Here’s what you can expect when you work with us to get your family or your policyholder into a fully furnished temporary home:


With over 20 years of experience, we are experts in helping displaced policyholders with emergency housing assistance. We manage an abundant supply of outstanding furnished short and long-term housing and have built up working relationships that earn us the best rates, which results in big savings for you. You can expect the shortest possible wait time to move into a comfortable fully furnished apartment filled with everything requested.

Clarity and Professionalism

For both policy holders and adjusters, it’s a relief to work with one point of contact. When you’re working with Corporate Suites, that’s exactly what you get. Instead of making multiple phone calls with countless games of phone tag to the electric company, gas company, cable company, and on and on, you speak with one professional. We will find housing to accommodate special needs, including locating pet friendly housing, and can even stock your fridge. It couldn’t be more hassle free.

The Best Available Housing

We know Texas property. If you have special needs that must be met, such as location, amenities, size, or anything else, we’ll know where to place you. If it’s 3 bedrooms in a specific neighborhood or a high-rise not far from downtown, trust that we’ll be able to provide the best options available.

Flexible Billing

In an effort to make the process of getting into emergency housing as easy as possible, we offer multiple options for payment for your convenience. You may choose direct billing, monthly billing, or we can invoice the insurance company. We accept credit cards, check, debit cards, or wire transfers and will work with either the policyholder or the adjuster.

ALE Awareness

We are proud of our working relationship with adjusters. We’ve worked with many different insurance companies including Chubb, USAA, Farmer’s, Nationwide, All State, Liberty Mutual, and more. Our team has a complete understanding of ALE (Addition Living Expenses) benefits and limitations. That means we know the budget available and approved and we’ll work within the allotted financial parameters and allowances. Adjusters know that we are proficient and trustworthy and that we’ll take great care of their policyholders.

Needing emergency housing is never a pleasant circumstance. However, not being able to get into a fully furnished apartment or being held up from moving into a secure home because of red tape can increase frustration tenfold. Peace of mind is invaluable in these intense circumstances so choose to work with Corporate Suites. Let us help you or your policyholder ease the burden of being displaced by taking care of your short or long-term apartment needs.

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